About Us

My name is Mario and thanks for shopping through my picks. I'm from the West Coast and everything you see on this page has been sourced by me somewhere around CA. Sometimes I'll travel and make sure to hit the local thrifts for vintage fashion and collectibles of all kinds. I love vintage crewnecks and t-shirts, especially if they got pockets.

I started thrifting and reselling in 2017 but grew up going to garage sales with my mom and grandma on Saturdays.

Now its a daily grind that don't stop and that just means you get fresh fits consistently.

\\ I luv everything about thrifting, from the friendships I've made

to the dope finds from all across the Bay and beyond. //

I also enjoy music, movies, bbq's, traveling, photography and a 100 other things that require money so please....

shop with Luv and Thrift!

Why Lightly Used Fashion? 

For Good: It's great for the environment to reuse clothing, plain and simply.
We purchase from small thrift stores and community sales in CA.
Part of our profits go directly back to local businesses to ensure the money stays in our community.

For Pleasure: Thrifting is always a fun time for me. Getting up and starting the day makes me feel productive and fulfilled. It's always a great feeling to see someone light up with a cool sweater that I, too, got giddy about when I found it.

We want to bring that feeling directly to you and change the dynamic of your closet, at least for a few weeks. We'll be here with new threads when you come back ;)